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"Hi, I am Torrie Crawford, the CEO of Crawford Logistics and Associates. I am honored that you found a few minutes to read my story and learn more about me, my experience, and what I can do to help you".

Back in the middle 90s, I worked for The Coca-Cola Company doing what I do best - truck driving and delivering goods from place to place. I worked a lot and quickly got my priceless experience behind the wheel.

Over the years, I became an experienced and knowledgeable professional. A few trucking companies recruited me as a driving instructor. I was sharing my knowledge and experience with other truck drivers, teaching them the safest driving techniques, giving the most valuable lessons, and preparing them to handle different situations that may occur on the road, etc.

It was around 2004 that I realized my work was taking me away from my family - it was too much. My sons were still little, but every day I learned more and more that my family needs me like never before. And then, I started thinking about my own trucking business, which should give me the freedom to manage my schedule, earn money, support my family, and spend time with my kids and wife.

I am married to a wise and supportive woman. My wife, Mechelle, supported me and believed in my success. But there were many difficulties that I met on my way:

  • Lack of money

  • No guidance

  • No mentor

  • 0% knowledge of where to start

  • Endless paperwork, license applications, business bank accounts 

  • Truck and trailer purchase, etc.

I wish I had a mentor who could direct me to what I should do. The process was overwhelming, but I did it and started my new journey.

Then back in the fall of 2008, during the global financial crisis, a life-changing event occurred. I was involved in a major accident when a man driving his car suffered a heart attack and collided with my vehicle. The impact was monumental, and I am extremely grateful that both of us survived. However, my truck was completely destroyed in the accident and rendered unusable.

These were hard times for my family and personally for me. The mental recovery after the wreck was tough. I was wondering if I could return to the road after what I went through. Also, I had to get a new truck and start again. I had financial issues, many fears, and doubts. I am being honest when I say that I lived in total uncertainty for a while. But still, my faith was strong, and my wife, Mechelle, was always by my side. She believed in me, and I knew that my faith, family, and perseverance were all I needed to move forward.

This time I hired help who supported me with the whole process. We wrote a solid business plan, hired a few employees, and found a way to buy a couple of box trucks so I could start all over again.

My company became well-known in the area, and people have recognized me as a professional for almost two decades. And then something interesting happened.

Out of nowhere, I started receiving phone calls from friends, friends of friends, and people I didn't even know with one request: "How do I start my own trucking business?". I was amazed by the number of people who needed my advice and support. I didn't even know some of them, but I realized they trusted me and recognized my professionalism, experience, and expertise.

And then, I remembered how overwhelming it is when you have no one who can direct you and tell you what your next steps are, where to go, and where to apply for tags and permits. I felt that was a sign from God. To help those who want to start, run and grow their trucking and logistics business.

After careful consideration, I created my new company: Crawford Logistics and Associates, also known as CLA.

Now I have a strong team of dedicated professionals who help me provide professional consultations and ultimate support to those people who want to:

  • Start their trucking businesses

  • Successfully run their business

  • Grow and expand their trucking business.

So here I am, Torrie Crawford, CEO of Crawford Logistics and Associates, and my story.

If you have any questions or need to schedule your first consultation, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately! Take your future into your own hands right now!

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